Erasmus+ project 2017-2020: Europeans on the Move

 The Opportunities and Challenges of Migration

Dronninglund Gymnasium participates in an Erasmus+ project between 5 schools from Iceland, Germany, Slovenia, and Spain. The project aims to show young people how migration works on different levels in society and how they can take an active part in an integration process, both as national citizens of their country and when they themselves migrate to other countries.

The motivation for the project is the large-scale migration Europe faces. The European countries approach the political, economic and cultural challenges linked to this phenomenon in various ways.

Nowadays young people often do not understand how migration processes work. They usually have no insight into migration policies and practices on local, national, European and international levels. This is quite understandable as migration processes are complex and not easily comprehended. Consequently, young people tend to be frustrated about not being heard and apathetic when it comes to taking action. In the long run, this might give cause for voter apathy and endanger the stability of democratic societies because young citizens turn away from shared responsibilities and risk being excluded or excluding others.

This is a future we would like to avoid. In this project the students will not only get to know about the challenges faced by their own country, but also by the countries of the participating schools, and they will get to compare solutions, thus adding value to the students’ understanding of “the bigger picture”.

However, migration is not only a challenge.  Travelling across borders enables you to put your own background and traditions into perspective. Most young people will spend a considerable part of their youth working or studying in another European country. Hopefully they will contribute to the country in which they are staying, and they themselves will benefit. Migration might very well offer opportunities, not only challenges. That is why our project has two foci: the challenges and opportunities of migration.


First Conference: Introducing migration on a local level
Dronninglund Gymnasium, Denmark
January 2018


Second Conference: Migration on a national level.
Carl-Friedrich-von-Siemens Oberschule, Berlin, Germany
November 2018


Third Conference: The history of migration
Gimnazija Tolmin, Tolmin, Slovenia
March 2019


Fourth Conference: Stories of success
I.E.S Lopez Neyra i Córdoba, Spain
Autumn 2019

den islanske skole

Fifth Conference: Migration in films, literature, and art
Verzlunarskóli Íslands, Reykjavík, Iceland
Spring 2020