Comenius project 2013-15:

Yes we can. How to become responsible European citizens

The aim of this Comenius project is to make students understand how democracy works on different levels in society and enable them to take an active and innovative part in decision-making in order to make them realise that they can make a difference and that their voice can be heard.

The overall goal is to support the development of a generation of young people who feel that they are vital and integrated members of not only their own countries but also of the European Union and the rest of the world.


First conference: School democracy

Dronninglund Gymnasium, Denmark
November 2013

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Second conference: Local democracy

St James School, Exeter, UK
April 2014

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Third conference: National democracy

Carl-Friedrich-von-Siemens Oberschule, Berlin, Germany
November, 2014

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Fourth conference: European democracy

I.E.S Lopez Neyra i Córdoba, Spain
February, 2015

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Fifth conference: International democracy

Tamási Áron Általános Iskola és Német Két Tannyelvû Nemzetiségi Gimnázium

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Budapest, Hungary
March 2015